People… Your Greatest Asset

Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to work with some amazing companies and even more amazing people.

While data and CX were always important ingredients to success, topping the list of what would make (or break) almost every effort were the people behind it.

Knowing this, I invest a lot of time into finding, hiring and developing high-potential A-players.

Who are A-players?

A-players are not necessarily the most experienced or the most educated (although they can be). They are people who go the extra mile. They are insatiably curious. They have passion. They take initiative. They care about quality. And they form positive, lasting relationships with those around them.

In the field of data & analytics, talent of any kind is in short supply. If you’ve tried to hire a data scientist, analyst or engineer, you know what I mean.

That said, 20+ years of hiring A-players with data skills who are either rock stars already or go on to become ones, has given me a really good sense for how to do it and do it well.

Introducing Datacruiter™

After much thought and talking it through with my closest friends, family and colleagues, I am translating my personal experience finding and hiring data & analytics professionals into starting a talent agency that helps others do the same.

Hence I’d like to introduce to you my newest venture, Datacruiter, LLC. A boutique data & analytics recruiting firm focused on finding, developing and placing high-potential talent with diverse backgrounds and experience often overlooked by traditional search methods.

Datacruiter™ is now officially open for business!

Are You Hiring?

If you are a hiring manager trying to fill a data or analytics role, please consider working with us to help you find the right fit. We are non-exclusive and work on contingency.

Plus, all our candidates must meet our rigorous requirements and receive our proprietary stamp of approval before we ever present them for placement.

Please call or email us with any questions or to set up some time to discuss.

Looking For Your Next Job?

If you are looking for a job in data or analytics, whether you are experienced or new, please consider letting us help you land the right one. We have access to some amazing opportunities for almost any level of experience and responsibility.

Select candidates could even receive expert mentoring, tailored training and professional development from us and our network of data & analytics executives, consultants and practitioners.

To get started, please submit your resume through our secure (and confidential) application form on

 So whether you are hiring or looking to be hired, I hope you will consider working with us.


Aaron Maass
Managing Director